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Buy your United Wi-Fi Pass here, then simply download the iOS or Android App to connect to United Hotspots, view nearby Hotspots and manage your subscription.

Don't forget to check the cities you are travelling to for United Hotspots 

Its important that you search our Hotspot finder for the exact city or region you are travelling to. You should search as specifically to your travels for the best search results.

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United Wi-Fi 5 Day Pass - 5 days

5.00 AUD

United Wi-Fi 21 Day Pass (Launch Promotion) - 21 days

10.00 AUD

Unlimited 30 Day Pass - 30 days

20.00 AUD

Unlimited 90 Day Wi-Fi Pass - 90 days

40.00 AUD

Unlimited 365 Day Wi-Fi Pass - 365 days

110.00 AUD

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