• Purchase

    Choose your destination & a data size that suits your needs, purchase 1 eSIM per traveller.

  • Setup

    Receive your emaill instantly & scan the QR code or follow the instructions to setup your eSIM.

  • Activate

    After landing at your destination, activate your eSIM & you can roam with freedom!

Step 1 - Install your eSIM

Install before you travel

Install your eSIM before you travel & ensure that you have an internet connection.

Go to Settings -> Mobile -> Add eSIM

  • QR Code Installation

    1. Click 'Add eSIM'
    2. Click 'Use QR Code'
    3. Scan QR Code

  • Manual Installation

    1. Click 'Add eSIM'
    2. Click 'Use QR Code'
    3. Click 'Enter Details Manually'

Step 2 - Activate your esim

Activate at your destination

Select your eSIM as primary for mobile data, turn on this line & activate data roaming.

Go to Settings -> Mobile

  • Install on the day you travel

    Install your eSIM on the day that you are travelling, a few hours before your trip.

  • Scan QR from settings

    Some phones won't recognise the code if you scan using the camera app.

  • Don't delete your eSIM

    The code only scans once. If you delete or remove your eSIM you cannot recover it.

  • Turn on Data Roaming

    Ensure that you activate Data Roaming in your settings so that the eSIM works.

How to activate your eSIM